Mission & values


Eosta wants to contribute to healthy food, a sustainable environment and social responsibility.

In three words: Healthy, Organic, Fair.

Eosta shows and tells the story behind the product, providing visibility to the grower's efforts towards a fairer and more sustainable society, through our ‘trace & tell’ trademark; Nature & More. In this way, we empower the consumer to make a well-informed purchasing decision, at a price that is fair to the producer, society and the environment.

Our core values responsibility, togetherness and authenticity are at the heart of everything we do as a company, trademark and team.

Our core values ​​...

 ... are central to everything we do. They are the foundation for our HR policy as well as for our leadership vision. They shape our brand promise of 'Nature & More'. They are the guiding principles behind our main competences; deliver, dance and differentiate. And influence our interaction with suppliers, customers, consumers and employees. All in all, they embody what it is that makes us unique.

Take our ‘3D’ leadership competences as an example; Deliver, Dance and Differentiate. Achieving a responsible and sustainable result (Deliver) stems from co-creation and working together (Dance). Yet co-creation (1 + 1 = 3) can only take place if you're true to your values and behave authentically in everything you do, while acknowledging the other person's essential uniqueness (Differentiate).

Chain management

We see ourselves as orchestrators of the production- and supply chain through the application of our organic and fair-trade expertise. We do this on behalf of a global group of growers, and in close cooperation with a broad range of customers. Our activities include:

  • agronomic advice (e.g. through our subsidiary Soil & More)
  • finance
  • packaging
  • product innovation
  • logistics
  • marketing
  • distribution


Trade strategy

We operate a partially-decentralized trade strategy. This means combining a distributed global network of logistic and commercial hubs with central management of product development, Nature & More’s innovation and added-value policy, trade flow, marketing, logistics, finance, controlling, administration, ICT and HR.

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"Humanity and professionalism are equally important at Eosta. It's not just about thinking, but also acting. Not just about feeling, but also achieving. We were founded in 1990 and are essentially founded anew every day; our team is constantly striving to discover the best way of combining social idealism and commercial realism. In other words: we operate where ecology meets economy."

- Volkert Engelsman, founder and CEO of Eosta