Soil & More Impacts - consultancy

Eosta is founding partner of Soil & More Impacts, a network of compost joint ventures with major organic and conventional growers around the world. Soil & More is devoted to improving soil fertility, productivity, pest & disease prevention, water management and sustainable eco-systems.

Import partners - growers

Eosta maintains a close working relationship with certified organic and fairtrade growers in Africa, South America, Central America, Asia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Europe. Our growers are encouraged to produce healthy, tasty food and to contribute to the unique ecological, social and cultural values of their farms and region.

Export & Commercial partners - customers

EOSTA supplies certified organic produce to wholesalers and retailers in the organic and conventional markets all over Europe on the principle of daily fresh deliveries. Thanks to its wide range of year-round products and its own pre-packing facilities, Eosta now supplies most of the leading European supermarket chains. Eosta is also Europe's leading exporter of organic greenhouse crops to the USA and the Far East.

R&D partners - research

Eosta maintains a close working relationship with organic research institutions, such as the Louis Bolk Institute (the Netherlands), The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Switzerland, the Universities of Kassel (Germany) and the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

Certification partners - protocols

As a (pro-)active member of international certifying bodies, we help develop and apply global standards of production and handling, and we have developed our own unique set of protocols on product, ecological and social quality (Nature & More).

Financial partners - finance

In financing agricultural projects, Eosta closely cooperates with Triodos Bank, one of Europe's pre-eminent 'green' banks. Triodos Bank actively supports the development of renewable resources, ecological projects and organic agriculture, both in Europe and the USA and in the developing world. 

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Social responsibility

Sustainability also refers to long-time partnerships and conditions. Eosta therefore frequently initiates and supports social development projects around suppliers. With our grower partners, we make suggestions on improving living and labour standards for their workers. This strategy has proven very successful in attaining our aim of sustainable production of high quality products under socially desirable conditions.