HR policy

At Eosta we have three core values; responsibility, togetherness and authenticity. These values are central to everything we do. They are the foundation for our HR policy as well as for our leadership vision. They shape our brand promise of 'Nature & More'. They are the guiding principles behind our main competences; deliver, dance and differentiate. And influence our interaction with suppliers, customers, consumers and employees. All in all, they embody what it is that makes us unique.

Take our ‘3D’ competences as an example. Achieving a responsible and sustainable result (Deliver) stems from co-creation and working together with all relevant stakeholders (Dance). Yet this can only take place if you're true to your values and behave authentically in everything you do (Differentiate).

We operate at the intersection of social idealism and commercial realism. It's an area where personal development and corporate success are not mutually exclusive. We combine creativity and professionalism to balance short-term needs with the stability of a long-term vision.

We’re not particularly keen on pre-defined procedures. We’re more concerned with the power of our core values. We can't enforce them in the classical sense, through formal authority. But that's not a problem, because we believe that, in the end, moral authority is more empowering. Fostering enthusiasm and engagement is a better way of ensuring compliance than laying down rules. An inspirational example beats a command. In other words, values only come to life when they are embraced and enacted by people.

That's why we aim for empowerment in as many levels of the organisation as possible. Value-driven leadership starts by allowing people to take the initiative, to trust in their own potential and in the potential of those around them, while understanding that the whole should always be greater than the sum of the separate parts.

In the end it comes down to individual responsibility. You’re the one holding the steering wheel. But as an Eostian you can always find your way using the 3 Ds of deliver, dance and differentiate as a reference. So you don't just navigate using the lights of passing ships, but also by the light of the stars.

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"What I do? I am a longlife student of the choreography that guides the magic of human encounter."
Peter Senge, author of the book "The Fifth Discipline"