Sustainability Flower

The sustainability flower was developed in 2009 by an international group of prominent pioneers and innovators of the organic movement, operating under the umbrella of the "Belbis Desert Club". Among them are the founders and leaders of Eosta, Sekem, Alnatura, Lebensbaum, Rapunzel, Fibl, IFOAM, Soil & More, the Soil Association and others. They were looking to unite ecological and social values in a single elegant model. For each aspect of the flower, performance indicators were defined on the basis of the GRI Guidelines.

The Sustainability Flower serves as the main evaluation and communication tool in the Nature & More system.

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A Quick Assessment protocol was developed by the Soil & More Foundation, as a fast, quantitative and practical tool to evaluate sustainable achievements along nine seperate ecological and social dimensions. Companies that want to make use of the model, are invited.