Our ambition is to be the nursery, innovator and thought leader for tomorrow’s food market, centred on people, society and the environment. Our core values: Authentic, Together, Responsible underpin the mission, brand promise, HR policy, business navigation and governance.

Our Core Values are rooted in the conviction that

  • the potential of the entire human race is hidden in every human – that we can become who we are
  • human encounters encompass a wholeness that is greater than we are – that we maximise progress in collaboration
  • our responsibility extends across the entire planet and all of humanity – that we want to do what is right



Our mission is to make people and the earth healthier with fresh, organic and socially responsibly cultivated fruit and vegetables and facilitate the system transformation that this requires.


  • We strive for complete transparency, so that chain participants are able to take informed decisions that involve consideration of the long-term interests of people, society and the environment.
  • We Measure, Manage, Market and Monetize sustainability throughout the chain with the Nature & More sustainability flower.
  • We intend to function as the nursery for the ’new normal,’ which focuses primarily on people, society and the planet.


  • We seek cooperation in which all participants feel, safe, respected and stimulated.
  • We maintain long-term and personal relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders as a precondition for the development of products, quality, cultivation and sustainability throughout the chain.
  • We operate within a framework of high social ideals, but simultaneously remain commercially realistic.


  • We assist growers as much as possible in their contribution to health, social cohesion and vital, regenerative agriculture.
  • We develop a broadly distributed sales market to stabilise sales and reduce waste.
  • We strive to set prices that do justice to people, society and the environment.



Nature & More makes the unique story behind the product and the grower’s sustainability performance transparent.



Meaning, the development of everyone’s unique talent, the magic of human interaction and socially responsible entrepreneurship are at the heart of the HR policy. We look for leadership and responsibility as low as possible in the organisation. We encourage mental, social and achievement vitality. In other words: Dream, Dance, Deliver. We look for a sense of shared destiny, collegiality and professionalism in our colleagues. Ubuntu: I am because we are. What we do to others (or the other), we do to ourselves.



  1. To be a front runner, with innovative chain management geared to innovation and transparency.
  2. Broad and varied sales market in both the traditional and organic food markets throughout Europe.
  3. A distinctive position in organic fruit production and transportation from the Sothern Hemisphere and the tropics.
  4. Operational excellence of our state-of-the-art storage, distribution and retail packaging centre that can execute the complex, residue-sensitive handling of organic products of varying quality.
  5. A skilled, involved and responsible team that translates leadership into meaning-driven self-leadership.



We want to be accountable to all stakeholders in relation to our handling of human, social and natural capital on the basis of our sustainability flower. What we expect from our shareholder(s) is an evaluation based on the long-term yield generated by human, social and natural capital.

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