Taste Wonders

In 2014 Nature & More has introduced the Taste Wonders tomato range. The Taste Wonders range is a line of exceptionally aromatic and tasty organic tomatoes.  The range includes Taste Wonder Vine Tomato from Dutch grower Fons Verbeek and exceptionally tasty Pomodorini and Rudolph tomatoes from organic grower Frank de Koning.

When Nature & More chef Annemiek Wils received the first cartons of taste Wonders in april 2014, she commented: : “I love to cook with fresh products and my passion is to surprise people with interesting unexpected combinations. These Taste Wonder tomatoes however should be enjoyed in pure form, as they are ... this is what a good tomato should taste like!"

Grower Frank comments:

“Organic tomatoes grow in the soil and not on substrate. This allows the plant to determine itself what it takes up from the soil and at what speed. It may take a little longer than a non-organic tomato but the taste is so much more intense and aromatic.” 

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