Eosta BV was founded  in the Netherlands in 1990, by current CEO Volkert Engelsman and his college friend Willem van Wijk. The company name Eosta was derived from "Eos", the Greek goddess of sunrise. The idea of sunrise symbolises how the company is founded anew every day, by combining two worlds: social idealism and commercial realism. Eosta's logo, displaying the colours of the rainbow, reflects the same symbolism: according to Goethe, the rainbow emerges where light and dark meet and intertwine.  

In the past decennia, Eosta has grown to be the international company it is today. Eosta represents more than a thousand organic and bio-dynamic growers in six continents, reaching consumers throughout Europe and far beyond. The head office with adjacent logistic facilities is located in Waddinxveen, the Netherlands.

It has always been Eosta's intention to communicate the value of organic farming for society with consumers, in order to create added value for the growers. From 2004 onwards this view has lead to the development of "trace & tell" trademark Nature & More and the integrated communication and evaluation tool for sustainable food production, the Sustainability Flower.

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