Grapes from South Africa and Peru, keep your drinks chilled!

Hello, my name is Cog! We grow your organic grapes in South Africa. The farm is located in the Northern Cape where we benefit from the water of the mighty Orange River.  This area is known for its extreme climate. Temperatures vary between cold winters where temperatures reach –5 C, and very hot summers with highs of 35-45 C.  With only 150 mm of precipitation, it enjoys little rainfall.  Due to the closeness to South Africa's longest river, there is ample water for irrigation”. We save water with the best computer technology and drip or micro irrigation. 

We have a nice and useful idea for your Christmas dining table: Keep your wine, sangria and cocktail nice and chilled! Preparation: 
Put the grapes into a freezer bag and keep in the freezer for at least 5 hours until the grapes are completely frozen. Add to your drink as many as you want and enjoy! 

Visit my farm: - (code 220) 


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