Living Wage avocados from Kenia, new season


The avocado Kenya season is about to start, avocado including the Living Wage premium! 

Our Living Wage avocados from Kenya are good for your health, for the environment and for local workers! Anthony Ngugi from Kenya is one of Eosta’s main avocado suppliers. Together with a group of local farmers he grows, sorts and packs your avocados. These organic avocados are not only good for your health, but they also have many other advantages too. They are grown in an agroforestry environment with mainly rainwater: so they are much more environmentally friendly than conventional avocados, using 17,6 liters of water less per avocado.

Living Wage
If you buy these avocados, you join us on our journey to support better income for the workers that packed the fruit. Our Living Wage assessment shows that it will cost only 2 cents per kg of avocados to increase the wages to Living Wage level. At Eosta we believe that everyone has the right to earn a “living wage”.  A living wage should enable an employee to be able to take care of themselves and their family members, both in terms of housing, food, education, clothing, healthcare and savings for unexpected events. With the organic avocados from Kenya, we are able to close the living wage gap. 

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