Ocati's passion for top quality organic passion fruit


When you think organic passion fruit, you think Ocati from Columbia. For more than 10 years, we have worked with the passionate Sergio Lloreda and his Ocati team.  In Columbia, they call passion fruit 'Gulupa'.

Tropical wonder

Passion fruit is enjoying increasing popularity in Europe. Not surprisingly, as this tasty superfruit is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre and has a low glycaemic index. Magnesium and alkaloids in passion fruit also help reduce stress.

Super sustainable grower

At Ocati, everything revolves around three core values:

  • Highest quality organic products; Ocation guarantees the best quality for customers.
  • Supporting both local and global populations; Ocati contributes to the well-being of people both locally and globally.
  • Commitment to environmental management; Ocati is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Top employer

Ocatie is committed to the welfare of its employees. Through a financial fund set up by Ocati, employees can save at favourable interest rates and build their own homes inexpensively. In addition, Ocati provides eight university scholarships annually to employees children.

Pioneer in year-round delivery

Ocati is the first grower who has managed to offer passion fruit year-round via boat freight. Even after travelling from Columbia, the quality is excellent.

Harvest outlook

Every six months, there is a peak in passion fruit production. The peak in December, ensures sufficient supply around the Holidays. The next peak is in the coming months of June and July.

Creative with passion fruit

Passion fruit is not only delicious to eat on its own, but also perfect in a smoothie, dessert, salad dressing or as a popsicle. Click here for recipes and more info on grower Ocati.  

Plan your promotion now

With the upcoming passion fruit peak in June and July, now is the ideal time to schedule promotions with this tropical wonder fruit. Promotions can be scheduled from week 24 to 35. Contact your account manager for a tasty promotion!

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